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Are you a student, worker, parent or guardian that needs dialy stipend? Congratulations! with MTL Stipend, we give stipend out to our members which will surely assist and uplift your financial status.

How it works

How to earn on MTL Stipend


Register with your Valid Email, Phone Number and Bank Details.


You'll be directed to activation page immediately after your registration, contact one of the accredited representatives listed on the platform to buy an activation pin for #200 only. Kindly note that your account will be deleted if you refuse to active and login under 24 hours


Refer 3 active People, you only need 3 downlines under you but you can keep referring while the system spillover will spill the rest over to your downlines, the more the number of people under you the more you move upward

Compensation Plans

Below are the Full compensation Plan for MTL Stipend, This shows the exact amount you will be earning, on every stage.

Entry Stage
Level I: NGN100
Level II: NGN134
Total Earnings: NGN1,506
Level I: NGN150
Level II: NGN500
Total Earnings: NGN4,950
Level I: NGN300
Level II: NGN1,100
Total Earnings: NGN10,800
Level I: NGN900
Level II: NGN5,200
Total Earnings: NGN49,500
Level I: NGN2,000
Level II: NGN15,278
Total Earnings: NGN143,502

Matrix Tree

In MTL Stipend, we make use of 3X9 Forced Matrix, Below are the full Detials

Refer 3 Active People
You need to Refer 3 people in the First Level.
Tell those 3 to Bring 3 Each too.
Inform those 3 to also Refer there 3 Active Users each.
About Us

MTL Stipend is a platform that as deem it for to assist Nigerians financially.

With only ₦200 you can make MORE than ₦50,000 Per Week, All you have to do is to follow the above steps. IT IS VERY EASY TO OPERATE.

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